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Hon Hai Technology Group of Taiwan, also known as Foxconn, has secured over 54,200 invention patents across the world, with 62.5 percent of them granted in the United States and Japan.
The world's largest electronics manufacturer Hon Hai, also assembling iPhones and iPads for Apple Inc., said it has gotten 17,600 patents in the U.S., 32.5 percent of its total, and 16,200 patents in Japan, some 30 percent of the total.
This data was disclosed on its official website. It further said that about 17 percent of the patents obtained by Hon Hai is in the area of computer accessories, and 14 percent in semiconductors, Patents related to processing and detection technologies accounted for 13 percent of the total, 12 percent in the field of robots and optoelectronics equipment and 11 percent in display equipment In China and Taiwan, Hon Hai has also acquired more than 11,200 and 5,620 invention patents, respectively.
In November last year, Hon Hai submitted an intellectual property management plan to its board of directors, stressing its resolve to focus on "quality, quantity and multi-function" and play a key role in technology when it comes to patent strategy.
In India, another reason why Hon Hai was in limelight last month was due to the factory shut on the outskirts of Chennai in southern India. It happened after workers turned out in force to protest a mass food-poisoning incident, at one point blocking a major highway. The episode drew attention to the plight of blue-collar workers and triggered local government scrutiny.


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