On July 9, 2022, The Government of India launched a “Jute Mark India logo”, which will act as the certification of authenticity for jute products manufactured in India and an assurance regarding origin and quality for jute and jute products. It is an initiative to protect and promote Indian jute products. This is aimed to strengthen the domestic market as well as Export of Jute products and revamping the Indian Jute Industry. It was implemented during the on-going Jute promotion and development scheme 2022- 2026. The Union government has allocated INR 485.58 for the scheme.
This Jute Mark label will feature as a hall mark on all jute products manufactured in India, it will contain a unique QR code which would enable the consumers to know about the producers and validate its authenticity. The unique QR code on the Jute Mark bearing a unique will also serve as anti-counterfeiting measure is expected to increase the domestic market and export of Jute products made in India to other countries.
The National Jute Board, (Union Textile Ministry) is the nodal agency manages the promotion of jute and Jute products in India.
India’s export of Jute in the fiscal year 2020-21 stood at INR 2740 crores and that of diversified products of Jute was at INR 1261 crores, in the fiscal year 2021-22 the provisional export of Jute Goods increased significantly to INR 3785.68 crores.


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