• Dr. Mohan Dewan assisted by Adv. Isha Gandhi

The IP Office India has recently introduced a fresh design for their Registration Certificates, unveiled on April 26, 2023, the World IP Day and has recently commenced its issuance. These revamped certificates now boast several notable changes:
1. Tricolour Watermark: The certificates now bear a watermark featuring the tricolour, representing India's national flag. This addition adds a touch of patriotism and nationalism to the certificates.
2. Multilingual representation: The phrase "Intellectual Property Office Govt of India" is now written in 15 different Indian languages, mirroring the style seen on Indian currency notes. This alteration aims to associate the intellectual property with the concept of unity and diversity and thereby emphasizing the value of patents in all official languages.
3. Harmonized design: To ensure consistency and uniformity, all categories of intellectual property now feature a cohesive and harmonized design on the certificates. This measure eliminates any visual disparities between different types of IP grants issued by the IP Office.
4. Inventor’s name inclusion: The Inventor's name can be included in the Patent Registration Certificate. However, mentioning the names of the inventor/inventors requires filling out and filing Form 8 and paying the prescribed fees. In cases where there are more than 10 inventors, a supplementary sheet will be provided with the certificate, listing all the inventors' names along with the patent details.
These changes have effectively infused an Indian essence into the certificates and symbolize the diverse cultural heritage of India.
Certificate of Registration - Patents

Certificate of Registration - Trademarks

Certificate of Registration - Designs

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