R. K. Dewan & Co (RKD) represents ‘KamaSutra’, India’s second largest condom...

In continuing R K Dewan & Co.’s tirade against the usurpation of reputed Indian brands...

Granting a major victory and relief at the same time to our client, the Indian tools...

This article discusses the recent pharmaceutical trademark infringement suit where an interim injunction granted by the the Ahmednagar District Court in favour of Sun Pharmaceuticals was reversed by the Appellate Court.

A case study of when R K Dewan & Co. represented Nilkamal Limited at the Madras High Court against three defendants who were infringing the client’s registered Design in furniture products (specifically chairs) and obtained an ad-interim injunction

L & L filed a suit against Tenneco India for infringement of copyright in artistic work in the drawings of a heat shield and for breach of confidential information contained therein at Khed District Court. R K Dewan & Co. represented the Defendant, at the Khed District Court.

AF is the market leader for 3-stage oil-free compressors for PET bottling applications. While conducting a routine visit to explore the possibility of empanelling a new Foundry for pouring cylinders. Suspecting that the pattern/mould was prepared on the basis of an existing drawing of the client (confidential information) R K Dewan & Co. advised, strategized and executed an action in the form of a raid with the help of local police authorities at MIDC, Kolhapur.

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd was a defendant in a Patent Infringement Claim and further, the client's trademark ‘Sardar’ was being infringed by a third party. RKD is defending the Client in a patent infringement claim in Vadodara, Gujrat by filing a revocation claim against the registered Patent of the other Party.


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