Jul 09

Newsletter July 2009

Concept & Editing by: Dr. Niti Dewan


Our world is dying. We, the foremost species, are causing destruction of that from which we are born. We as a race, in the quest for survival and to thrive, have altered the climate, the ecology of our planet to such an extent that if nothing is done soon, it would spell the destruction of a substantial part of our land.

Experts in the field predict Rising sea levels, disease, famine, hurricanes, melting glaciers, droughts and flood in the near future.

The impending doom is what prompted 11,000 participants to gather in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference which took place in 2009. The differences of opinions shall always be present, however all at the conference agreed that innovation  is the means of combating the challenge of carbon emissions and climate change.

Developed and developing nations alike want solutions which would be beneficial for the environment as well as for business and economic development. Innovation is the only vehicle which would get the world to the solution which would cater to all the aforementioned requirements. There is however some discord between the developing and developed nations as is seen as under:

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