Deepak Singh

Designation: Team Leader - Patents Engineering

Location: New Delhi

Deepak Singh is a Computer Science Engineer. He has a Law degree from the University of Delhi and is registered as an Advocate with Delhi Bar Council as well as Delhi High Court. Deepak is also a Registered Patent Agent in India.
Deepak started has worked with premium Indian IPR firms and has a total work experience of over 15 years in the IP arena.
Deepak has varied experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), especially Patents, with expertise in software, mechanical, medical robotics, bio-medical, robotic processes, medical devices, electrical, electronics, and automobiles. He has experience in working with Indian and Foreign clients.
Deepak has handled more than 4000 patent prosecution matters, drafted and reviewed more than 2500 patent specifications, attended more than 1000 hearings at the Indian Patent Office, IPAB, and Courts, and conducted more than 500 patent searches including FTO, infringement analysis, patent searches, invalidation searches, and litigation support searches.


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