Rakesh Kumar

Designation: Patent Attorney | Head of Patent prosecution - Engineering | Ex. Deputy Controller, Patent Office, Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Mr. Rakesh Kumar holds a Mechanical B.Tech. from IIT Delhi. Since December 2015, he has been affiliated with R.K. Dewan & Co. He had nearly all of the portfolios and divisions of the Patent Office under his belt after more than 21 years of substantial job experience. He began working for the Patent Office in 1989 as a Patent & Design Examiner, and in December 2014, while serving as Head of Office and Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs at the Mumbai Patent Office, he voluntarily retired from the organisation.

While working at the Indian Patent Office, he enjoyed the roles of Examiner, Assistant Controller, Deputy Controller, Group Leader-Mechanical Group in Delhi and Mumbai, Head of Offices at the Patent Office, and O/o Controller General Office, Mumbai.

He actively participated in office automation, information technology, public administration, the Appellate Authority, and public grievances throughout his tenure at the Patent Office.

He began his career at Bharat Electronics in Bengaluru and spent three years working in the production, planning, and assembly division of the fabrication of PCBs, Radar, and communication devices at the Panchkula and Ghaziabad Unit. Additionally, he received extensive exposure to cutting-edge chip testing and production methods.


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