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Dinesh Nair

Designation: Patent and Trademark Attorney | Head - International Trademark

Location: Mumbai

Mr Dinesh Nair has been with RKD for over 22 years and currently leads the international trademark protection practice at RKD. He has in-depth knowledge of the complex trademark practices and procedures of individual countries, having filed and prosecuted trademark applications in over a hundred countries all over the world. He has also been drafting opposition cases before the Indian Trademarks Registry.
His practice at RKD concentrates in international trademark protection, clearance and prosecution. He is responsible for outbound trademark protection in various countries, formulating strategies for clients in achieving the best possible protection of trademarks across the globe. He is also experienced in advising clients on general IPR matters with a special focus on trademarks. He handles trademark litigation in regions such as Australia, US, Europe, South America and Middle East with the help of foreign associates.