Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks

The Madrid Protocol facilitates international registration of trademarks by filing one application with the International Bureau, through the Office of the home country, in one language and by paying only one set of fees. Even renewal of the registration becomes simple by payment of the necessary fees, every 10 years, to the International Bureau. Similarly, in case of assignment to a third party or any other change, such as a change in name and/or address, the change may be recorded by means of a single procedural step, with effect in all the designated Contracting States.

An application for international registration (international application) must designate one or more Contracting States where protection is sought. Further designations can be effected subsequently. The international application may be filed only by a natural person or legal entity having a connection - through establishment, domicile or nationality with a Contracting State. A mark may be the subject of an international application only if an application for its registration has been made or it has already been registered with the Trademark Office (referred to as the Office of origin) of the home country.


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