The Semantics: The Indian constitution is a living document as per the old saying and therefore, one can find a culture of Invention-ism in the reading or interpretation of the constitution. The term ‘constitutional morality’ has often been invoked by Supreme court in India for striking down laws which could be termed as manifestations of popular morality. But this term is not found in our Constitution. Nevertheless, we find mention of the word ‘morality’ in the Indian constitution at various places (Article 19, 25 and 26). Dr. B R Ambedkar used ‘CM’ multiple times in ‘Parliament

The COVID 19 virus has affected most countries in the world, India being one of them with over 19000 people infected till date. Taking into consideration the risk of COVID19, the government announced an initial lockdown of 21 days across India which started from March 25, 2020. The lockdown was further till May 3, 2020.


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