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Trademark Registration Requirements: Filing a Trademark Application in India

The following details are required for filing a trademark application in India:

  • The trademark you wish to register
  • In respect of what goods or services is the mark used or proposed to be used?
  • Is your mark a label? If so please send a soft copy of the same.
  • Have you used the trademark before?
  • If yes, since when?
  • If no, when do you propose to use the mark?
  • Where do you propose to use the mark?
  • Are you a manufacturer or merchant or a service provider?
  • Are you a sole proprietary concern or a partnership or incorporated under the Companies Act?
  • Give full names of proprietor or partners.
  • Is the partnership registered? Please enclose a copy of partnership deed.
  • Full name and address of principal place of business or registered address of the applicant
  • Address for correspondence with name of the contact person, his designation, telephone, fax and e-mail particulars

For your convenience, given below are some of the most relevant forms required for filing applications for Trade Marks in India.

Form No. Title Download
Form of authorisation of an Agent